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Embrace Limits for a Longer Lasting Message
April 21, 2009

My BB only allows me to text 160 characters including spaces. Embrace limits, use them to make your message stronger. Edit, edit, edit. Sent from my Blackberry.


Simple Equation
January 24, 2009

I have been inspired by Sanjaya Malakar. Yes, of American Idol fame, but before you conclude that I have lost all credibility let me explain.

Below is a link to an interview Sanjaya gave on Good Day New York. In writing this post I had so much I wanted to say about the interview because there was so much to say. I just kept writing and writing, and we all know if you say three things you say nothing. So I stopped. I was looking for the transcript because it would have been fun to see the actual words he used or lack thereof. Then I found the clip and thought, it speaks for it self.

No Core + No Concrete (examples) + No Story = NOBODY CARES.

Sanjaya Malakar, Good Day New York, 1.22.09