Authentic Voices Episode #1

It’s hard to tell who is being real these days, especially in a world where identities are picked/built/positioned. So I thought it might be good, if examples present themselves, to showcase people I think are walking that line of popularity and authenticity. I say popularity because it becomes more challenging to stay true to your self as commercial and social expectations grow. So here we go with our first installment…

1. Nick Cave – I came across this letter written by Nick Cave (1996) to MTV in response to being nominated for Best Male Artist. I am a big Nick Cave fan, but that aside, when I read this letter it seemed totally in-line with what I know about him through his music, movies, books interviews and history. I also think the part about the muse harkens back to Homeric times of calling forth the muse before telling the now famous epics. Just seems to inspire creativity. So have a read and enjoy. 

2. Lady Gaga – At this point I am actually reserving judgment. I will simply say that I don’t personally care for her music (although Poker Face IS catchy), but I think she is a great performer, certainly “out there” and her vibe seems to come from a genuine inner voice, not just for shock and awe. I do enjoy watching her perform and am intruiged.  However, the suits are excellent at their jobs so I’ll wait and see and gather more evidence of authenticity, but so far so good.Also, I am not working off a scientific protocol for these evaluations.  I am just using what the everyday person uses when they decide to tune in or tune out a person’s message, gut reaction.


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