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chessWhen we think about design in the broadest sense it encourages us to look for inspiration all around us. Architecture is no exception. I recently read Paul Goldberg’s article in the New Yorker, Center Stage, about the redesign of Lincoln Center and Alice Tully Hall. A quick aside, the New Yorker contributors are excellent at using story to make any subject more captivating.  There was one line that got me thinking,

“Architects sometimes talk of design elements as “moves,” as if they were playing a game of chess…”

First, we should be thinking about our presentations in terms of design. As far as I am concerned our presentations are works of art. Architects design a space thinking about how people will walk around in it, how they will feel, how they will interact with different elements, and as presenters we should be taking the same view. Our words are creating a structure which the audience will live in for the duration of the talk. We want them to feel welcomed and comfortable, not unsettled and dying to get out of there. We need to see the whole of process of developing a presentation through the lens of design. There is beauty in reducing an idea to its core. The search for perfect simplicity, as we keep taking away the unnecessary is also an aesthetic. Then with the essence of our message we begin to build, move by move, word by word, image by image, a cathedral where the audience will come and pay homage to our idea. All the while keeping in mind how will audiences like being in this space we have created. It is not my intention to be over the top with the cathedral image, but as presenters we are there to give the audience something they will remember, act on and believe. We want the audience hanging on our every word like it is gospel.

Design is not about putting a nice shell on our idea and attracting people with the glitter. Real design starts with the idea and protects it, throughout the process, from distractions so the audience can receive it in as pure a form as possible.


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  1. well done . keep it going bro

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